• Transformation comes from within the system
    Muhammad Yunus


What is Lasin?
LASIN is a network of Universities across the world that wants to make a real contribution to their communities; fostering cooperation to incubate and influence social change and innovation
Publication Third Case Study: Park of Life
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Park of Life was proposed by the University of Antioquia and since 2012 in alliance with the Mayor’s Office of Medellín.
Publication Second case study LASIN: Balloon Latam
Thursday, September 14, 2017
Students develop their entrepreneurship skills and share their learning with local communities


Nucleus of Cultural and Social Innovation (NICS) promotes two Workshops in Social Innovation for projects and mentors of the 1st Cycle of Mentoring of the LASIN Project
Monday 13/11/2017
NICS offers two Workshops for projects and mentors of the 1st Lent Cycle of the LASIN Project.
UFRJ will hold the V National Meeting of Cultural Accessibility
Thursday 09/11/2017
ENAC's proposal is to disseminate and bring together experiences, initiatives, partners and institutions that work towards accessible culture; promote reflection on the cultural citizenship of people with disabilities and foster exchanges and networks.
Get to know the Proteja Brasil application
Thursday 09/11/2017
Proteja Brasil is a free application that allows all people to get involved in the protection of teenagers and children.
Social Innovation Support Units (SISU)

The Social Innovation Support Units aim to widen the scope of regular knowledge transfer activities in order to achieve the following:

  • an increase in new social enterprises and projects;
  • new funding opportunities, including microcredit resources;
  • collaborations between university academics and social programmes in order to lend academic credibility;
  • new innovation models (foundations, cooperatives, not-for- profit companies etc.);
  • standardised measurement of social responsibility based on ISO26000 offered to internal and external, private and public organisations
  • international networks in social innovation
  • measurement procedures to assess both social and economic impact of
  • social innovation initiatives