First Local Congress of Local Development and Entrepreneurship

First Local Congress of Local Development and Entrepreneurship


In order to balance the development of entrepreneurship in rural and peripheral areas in Chile, the University of Development (UDD), together with the University of Leeds Sustainability Institute, the Knowledge Center, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise at the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom and Balloon Research organized the first "Congress on Local Entrepreneurship and Development, Practice, Policy and Research", which took place October 2rd and 3rd in campus Concepción.

The event - which was attended by more than 27 exhibitors representing various organizations and institutions in Concepción - was inaugurated by Emilio Armstrong, director of Innovation of the UDD, who referred to the importance of these events. "What we want is to be able to show different programs, initiatives and actions that have to do with entrepreneurship and local development," Armstrong said.

Also, the director of the UDD Entrepreneurship Institute, Hernán Cheyre, explained: "This is the first congress in the field of rural entrepreneurship and the idea has been to listen to presentations from different sectors, some more academic, others more practical and also the same entrepreneurs who want to tell their stories of how their experience has been, "he added. According to Cheyre, "the idea is to take lessons and generate roadmaps to see how to move forward on this issue. For the University, the enterprise is very relevant, as we have the need to promote it in all regions of the country. "

Among the exhibitors who participated in the meeting were Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Newcastle, Jonathan Kimmitt; Professor of Business and Sustainable Change at the University of Leeds, Pablo Muñoz; the founder of Balloon Latam, Sebastián Salinas; and the Coordinator of Productive and Industrial Development of the Regional Government, Sandra Osorio.

The event was co-organized between the UDD Entrepreneurship Institute and the UDD-FMK Social Innovation Institute, a member of the Latin American Social Innovation Network (LASIN). 


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